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Our Values


...or let them influence the audio quality or design of our products. We develop our own aesthetic language thus creating timeless design.

Style must always be a by-product of high functionality and ergonomics. As classics have to outlive seasonal fashions, we design with long product life in mind.


We build high-end headphones, so we obsess about sound quality. Every aspect counts. The engineering, choice of materials, the precision of craftsmanship, the reliability are all equally important.

We also make parts easily replaceable. All of these to ensure that a feeling of trust will accompany your every interaction with a Meze.


The sound signature is tuned for long listening sessions same as the ergonomics: clarity without harshness, freshness without fatigue.

We know a headphone is ready when it makes you forget about the outside world and takes you for a dive into the universe of your own feelings.

Our Products


A fun-neutral sound tuning in a precious hand brushed sintered steel shell. The Rai Solo is built for entry-level audiophiles and is meant for one purpose only: to introduce you to the transcendental experience of auditioning music and discovering the magic of sound.


A sensibly tuned sound signature and crystal clear clarity provide unrivaled realism and a vivid tonality. The build quality and ergonomic shape place this universal in ear monitor second to none.


A blend of premium materials, exquisite craftsmanship and detailing that’s unmistakably Meze, Empyrean is one of the most technologically innovative planar magnetic headphones in the world.

99 Classics

The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut and maple earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones

99 NEO

A fresh take on the design of the 99 series, the Neo has a slightly different signature and the same audio quality. The 99 Neo features coal black textured earcups and cast zinc alloy hardware – creating a subtle yet cutting edge look for the contemporary audiophile.

Headphone Couch

Sturdy yet elegant, covered in vegan leather, the Headphone Couch completes any audiophile’s home furnishing.The Meze headphone couch is foldable, which makes it easy to store when you are not using it.It comes ready-assembled, so out of the box and straight at display in your headphone room!


Rewire your sound with upgrade cables. Find earpad or headband replacements for your Meze headphones. Or choose to have an extra carrying pouch. The accessories that will fit with your favorite Meze products, bringing you extra listening comfort and a pleasant surprise.

meze 12 classics gun metal
meze 12 classics iridium

12 Classics

The Meze 12 Classics are conceived to hide the high-end audio tech beneath a sense of style. A walnut wood and aluminium body is designed as if it coevolved; as if nature and time kept sculpting and optimising every aspect. The presence of wood enhances that message: the slight variation needed for individuality.

meze 11 neo gun metal
meze 11 neo iridium

11 Neo

With the 11 Neo we continue our pursuit of timeless designs, aiming for an object that remains stylish after its contemporaries wear out. The Meze 11 Neo is both practical, go everywhere and, on closer look, subtle, complex, precise. Above all, we made sure that the sound signature is a real Meze.

Our Team

antonio meze chief designer and founder

Antonio Meze

Lead Designer & Founder

mircea fanatan managing director

Mircea Fanatan

Managing Director

raluca vontea marketing

Raluca Vontea

Global Brand Manager

paul stet product design

Paul Stet

Product Development

vlad toca acoustics and sound

Vlad Toca

Magic Man

corina catana coo

Corina Catana


kinga meze operations

Kinga Meze


adrian zaharia production manager

Adrian Zaharia

Production Manager

ciprian filimon electro acoustic engineer

Ciprian Filimon

Electro Acoustic Engineer

razvan horge social media

Razvan Horge


alexandra rizoiu

Alexandra Rizoiu

Marketing & Social Media

vladimir brezovszki designer

Vladimir Brezovszki


adrian boca operations

Adrian Boca


eduard bruzac quality control

Eduard Bruzac

Quality Control

erika colcer operations

Erika Colcer


horea bogar electronics engineer

Horea Bogar

Electronics Engineer

vlad walter manufacturing

Vlad Walter

Manufacturing & Internal QC