99 NEO

A fresh take on the 99 series for the uptown audiophile, 99 Neo brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge style. With a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, the 99 NEO embodies subtle sophistication. Learn more>

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Transducer Size

40 mm

Maximum input power

50 mW

Frequency Response

15 Hz - 25 kHz


3.5 mm gold plated


103 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW


260 gr


26 Ω


ABS Plastic

Rated input power

30 mW


1.5 m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote

Cable pouch

6.3 mm gold-plated jack

Hard EVA carrying pouch


Customer Reviews

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Stephen Rush

If there were a 'Meze Anonymous' self-help group I would have to join. Since unboxing and using my 99 Neos, I am struggling to be without them but delighted when I can have my next 'fix'.
I own several high quality headphones, over ear, on ear, in ear etc., – all are now ignored in favour of the Neos. My previous favourites were the BeyerDynamic 770Pros – which are stunning – but the 99 Neos are next level and as close to perfection as I'd ever care to be. I have tested them on every type of music genre (pop, jazz, rock, heavy rock, classical, folk) at every level of recording quality from scratchy and white-noisey to the highest quality recordings and they bring out amazing detail at every frequency. Involved mid-tones are complemented by perfectly detailed trebles plus a full and undistorted bass. They have turned many previously 'liked' recordings into the 'loved' masterpieces the recording artist was aiming for.
These are hugely comfortable to wear for long periods (many hours) and give amazing isolation – better than many noise cancelling headphones.
If you can handle aural perfection, buy the 99 Neos.

Красиво, удобно и хорошо звучит.

Первое что хочу отметить качество сборки самих наушников, ничего не скрипит, не люфтит конструкция - просто монолит!
Сомневался удобно ли будет носить из-за дуги над головой, но по факту невероятно удобные наушники.
Самое главное, звук, насыщенный и приятный просто хочется брать и слушать.
Из минусов - мне не понравился кабель. Он постоянно перекручивается и держит какую-то свою форму.

Best Value !!!

Best Value !!! Amazing Soundstage, Dynamics, Imaging, Timming, Resolution. Comfortables. Very good mid's. Nothing better for the price, this ones challenge the $600 guys.

Woah, that's a lot of good.

They're 100% fully serviceable, you could replace every single part yourself as long as you're careful, & they blew me away for only being $200, but I want an option for it to come with balance cables in the box it comes in so you don't have to buy it separately. Same thing with the hard case, there should be an option for it to not come with the case so if these are a little outside the price range of some people, they can afford them. Back to how they sound, they have astonishing sound quality for what you buy them for compared to something like the Hd600s, the Beyerdynamic T1s, or the AKG k712s. I can't hear the bongo man in the right ear cup in September by Earth, Wind & Fire as well as other Hi-Fi headphones, but I can still hear him smacking away. These are like right before getting into full audiophile equipment, they're perfect for the average person that just wants a nice set of headphones that they can use at home, on a plane, on a walk, just anywhere and still get relatively Hi-Fi sound. It's not perfect, but you definitely get your moneys worth when you buy these. They're also light as a feather, but stiff as a board, and they don't even need to adjust them, you can just slide them on your greasy face and you're good to go. They definitely won't fit everyone, but they'll fit like 95% of people. These are also only 1 of three pair of headphones I've ever bought where I didn't have buyer's remorse. (The other 2 were my Hd600s & my Grado Hemps if you were wondering.)

Perfect "run around" headphones

Been using mine for a while now. While I am not an expert on audio quality, they are perfect for me. They have a little bit of extra texture in the bass than my other headphones which I love. But what I can speak on is the durability. Whenever I go out somewhere, flights, long car trips, ect, these come with me. Thanks to the super nice case, I can just clip it to the side of my personal bag and pull them out whenever I need. They've been banged around, accidentally dropped and all. And so far, the ONLY problem I have is that I think im starting to wear out the ear cups. They are starting to flake a bit. But I contribute that to just using them so much than any real deficiency.

99 NEO