Jonathan Östlund

Jonathan Östlund

Discovering and experiencing the audiophile Meze 99 Classics headphones has been, and continues to be, very inspiring and exciting for me. Their artistry is unraveled each step of the way, via their crystal clear sound, lightness of wear, their elegant and timeless design - and I feel very fortunate to have them accompanying me, as they are facilitating a more efficient and rewarding creative process.

Jonathan Östlund received his BA and MA in Composition at LTU, in Sweden, and has so far completed more than 150 works, including several orchestral works, and two concertos for violin. His achievements include CD-releases, publications and performances with the London Schubert Players in the U.K., France and Romania throughout 2010 and 2011, as part of the ‘Invitation to Composers’ project. In 2012 he won the Public Choice Award for his Cello Sonata, premiered by A. Zagorinsky and E. Steen-Nokleberg, and was awarded 1st Prize in the Leicester Symphony Orchestra’s Composers’ Composition for his ‘Celebration Fanfare’, which was premiered during the Orchestra’s 90th Season Gala. Various premieres followed in 2013, in the U.K. and France. The year 2014 brought Jonathan’s music to the Cadogan Hall stage with ‘Lumières’, a programme presenting ten of his chamber works, in various constellations, performed by E. Pameijer, B. Waldmann and the Cellini Quartet. That same year, his Cello Sonata received a Russian premiere, and he was a Winner in the 2015 IBLA Grand Prize, with one of his orchestral works [the extended version of which became ‘Nocturnia’, and is featured on his third album, ‘Mistral’]. His first double CD, ‘Lunaris’, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim, a year in which further premieres took place in the U.K. and in Switzerland. In 2017 Östlund’s Piano Concertino is premiered in Athens, Greece, and Y. Revich together with M. Esnult premiere a violin and piano piece in Vienna, Austria. His second double CD, ‘Voyages’, was released in 2019, featuring (among others) Walter Gatti, Evgeny Brakhman, Sasha Grynyuk, and Alicja Smietana. His third album release, ‘Mistral’, released in 2020, includes the recording of his Concerto No. 1 for Violin & Symphony Orchestra among other mesmerizing works in varied constellations and is followed by the releases of his fourth and fifth album, ‘Imago’ and respectively ‘Elysian’, two new tour-de-force double albums bringing Jonathan’s releases so far up to nine discs of music.

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