Riccardo Galla

Riccardo Galla

I've tried a few different headphones by Meze. As a reviewer (I'm the head of Techinblack), I have access to a lot of gear, and since the first Meze product I've tested (the 12 Classics) I understood there was something special in this brand. I'm now daily using their 99 Classics for music listening and production (some warm, cozy headphones) and their Rai Penta on stage and in studio; the latter is absolutely stunning and easily my favorite in-ear monitors of all times: flat, rich in details and organic-sounding. That's the perfect earphone for my needs.

Riccardo Galla is a film music composer, singer-songwriter, musician, and producer. Formed in classical music, he studied cello for several years at the conservatory and then left the classic academic environment to study songwriting, singing, and music production. His main instrument is now the piano, in which he's self-taught, and he occasionally plays the guitar and the ukulele too. He’s now working on various projects as an author, performer, and actor. His passion for headphones brought him to found Techinblack, a successful review portal focused on audio gear. He’s also a psychologist doctor, but music, in all its branches, remains his main field.


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