The diary of designing auditory experiences

  • Wishblindness


    Wanting something feels coherent, but it’s anything like that: it is dynamic, messy, comes bundled with hundreds of other implicit desires. Like most human concepts, a cloud with blurry contours is a better analogy than a mathematical object. It is, as most of our mental life, hard to formalize. The recognition of this fact may have gave rise to the game with the evil genie that fulfills your wish in the worst possible way. About ten years ago, somewhere on an internet for...

  • Using Wood

    Using Wood

    We design headphones, we love it, and so we get to think a lot about these rather small objects that change people’s acoustic environments. Here, we’d like to share a bit about the part of the designing process that precedes everything else, the choice of materials.We kept choosing wood, a difficult and expensive medium; a broad, complex category of materials.Humanity co-evolved with this material. Our close primate tools are wooden spear-like weapons and ant-foraging kits...

  • Stop by

    Stop by

    Meze Headphones stops by at Simbio restaurant & bar in Bucharest.A modernised old building, part of the old city, that reminds us of the the patchwork of architectural styles that felicitously meet in Venice. The inside is both diverse and tactful.We sit in the Blue Room, on this quiet morning, field-testing a new pair.Simbio is usually lively, but there are hours, almost any day, when you can read, listen to your own thoughts or someone’s musical imagination. You won’...