We had a beautiful, sunny and colorful autumn here in Baia Mare, the city where our team is imagining, creating and assembling day by day the headphones you love.However, we are fortunate enough to have traveled around the globe and see all seasons this fall.The autumn tradeshow season started for us in Colorado, by attending the 16th Annual Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF), the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the US.  September was also...

  • I know where you’ve been last summer

    I know where you’ve been last summer

    Looking back at warm summer days, we’re counting our achievements and fun tradeshow times accompanied by curious audiophiles from all around the world. Let’s remember Munich first! May has been a busy month, with Europe’s largest trade fair for high-end entertainment around the corner. Our Meze Audio team from Romania took part in High-End Munich trade show, successfully showcasing Empyrean and Rai Penta, our TOTL headphones.Paris Sound Days came next, where we joined Elit...

  • Honest Design - How the Meze 99 Classics evolved

    Honest Design - How the Meze 99 Classics evolved

    It’s been two years since Meze Audio released the already iconic Meze 99 Classics. Our goal? To reach a sort of listening experience that would open gates for the newcomer audio enthusiasts, to introduce more people to the world of audiophilia through a premium headphone at a decent cost. But most of all, it was to create a headphone with soul.So how does a headphone get a “soul”? Below, we’ll discuss the particularities of the design process of the Meze 99 Classics. How a...

  • Wishblindness


    Wanting something feels coherent, but it’s anything like that: it is dynamic, messy, comes bundled with hundreds of other implicit desires. Like most human concepts, a cloud with blurry contours is a better analogy than a mathematical object. It is, as most of our mental life, hard to formalize. The recognition of this fact may have gave rise to the game with the evil genie that fulfills your wish in the worst possible way. About ten years ago, somewhere on an internet for...

  • Using Wood

    Using Wood

    We design headphones, we love it, and so we get to think a lot about these rather small objects that change people’s acoustic environments. Here, we’d like to share a bit about the part of the designing process that precedes everything else, the choice of materials.We kept choosing wood, a difficult and expensive medium; a broad, complex category of materials.Humanity co-evolved with this material. Our close primate tools are wooden spear-like weapons and ant-foraging kits...

  • Stop by

    Stop by

    Meze Headphones stops by at Simbio restaurant & bar in Bucharest.A modernised old building, part of the old city, that reminds us of the the patchwork of architectural styles that felicitously meet in Venice. The inside is both diverse and tactful.We sit in the Blue Room, on this quiet morning, field-testing a new pair.Simbio is usually lively, but there are hours, almost any day, when you can read, listen to your own thoughts or someone’s musical imagination. You won’...

  • Implicit and invisible

    Implicit and invisible

    Individuals and small startups are usually held to be lagging behind when it comes to the research resources that big companies enjoy. However, this disparity is greatly diminished in the domains that emphasize creativity, where one single novel idea is often enough to make a difference. No matter how big and rich a company you are, you just cannot plan in advance for a steady flow of innovation.At Meze, as in most small companies, the information flows seamlessly between ...

  • IFA Berlin 2016, fresh memories

    IFA Berlin 2016, fresh memories

    We were - shortly - boarding the hype train at IFA! It’s hard not to. Our stand had the new lineup complete: we launched the Meze 12 Classics. Not paper-launch, but for real, as we started shipping during the show.People and businesses got to feel our creations, whereas us, the Meze team, also roamed the halls of the big exhibition. What’s best at such a show is the sheer amount of designs that spring to mind only by looking around! There are so many ideas that can be furt...

  • See you at IFA Berlin 2016

    See you at IFA Berlin 2016

    t’s time for a new edition of IFA Berlin, the electronics show where tendencies in new tech are entertained, dreamed and, yes, hyped.We were there for the first time last year, during the Indiegogo campaign for the elaborate 99 Classics. It has become a mature product since, the flagship.This year, Meze team will launch a new member of the Classics series, the little 12, a pair of earbuds. Think about it, if half of the new mobile tech that shows up at IFA can, among other...

  • The CanJam London 2016 experience

    The CanJam London 2016 experience

    CanJam London 2016 in a nutshell: two days of headphone extravaganza. We had the pleasure to meet many of our industry peers, share ideas and impressions. Most importantly, we got to shake hands - in many cases for the first time - with all our followers from the forums. From the wacky, funny, and ingenious nicknames emerged the faces of the passionate, the true acolytes of sound, some of the most involved and devout headphone listeners out there.  We had those...

  • The Meze 99 Classics - The first months recap

    The Meze 99 Classics - The first months recap

    It's been three months since the Meze 99 Classics Gold have started shipping, four months since one of the first reviews of the headphone surfaced, and seven months since the highly successful Indiegogo campaign for the 99 Classics was launched.In all this time we have seen the popularity of the Meze 99 Classics grow exponentially. We were convinced that the 99 Classics will be well received by the people who followed our crowdfunding journey, after all, the campaign reach...

  • Meet Meze Headphones at CanJam Singapore 2016

    Meet Meze Headphones at CanJam Singapore 2016

    UPDATE - All we can say about CanJam Singapore is "Wow!" We have participated at other trade shows in the past but never before at an event where cans were the main attraction. Seeing so many highly passionate people gathered in one place with one thing in mind - to test as many headphones related products as possible - gave us, yet again, the energy to aspire to new heights. Majulah Singapura, Majulah CanJam!Whomever dropped by our stand got the chance to test the Meze 99...

  • CanJam Singapore 2016 Event Preview

    CanJam Singapore 2016 Event Preview

    CanJam Singapore 2016 is ready to launch. Jude Mansilla of has prepared a sneak-peek video of what to expect for the event. Check out the full video down below where Meze Headphones is also mentioned with the Meze 99 Classics Gold. 

  • Meze Headphones at CES Las Vegas 2016

    Meze Headphones at CES Las Vegas 2016

    Update January 20, 2016 - CES 2016 was an amazing experience for Meze Headphones. We are happy to announce that the response for the upcoming releases was highly positive. See you at CES 2017 where we will showcase all our 2016 releases and our upcoming models as well.  December 16, 2015 – Meze Headphones is happy to announce that the team will be present at CES 2016 between the 6th and 9th of January. We will be showcasing our latest model, the Meze 99 Classics over-ear h...

  • The IFA Berlin 2015 confirmation

    The IFA Berlin 2015 confirmation

    Berlin, the city of artists, is where we revealed our latest creation, the results of our last two years of research and development, to the world:The 99 Classics headphones are a testament to our beliefs and values which go towards music lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts.(Together with the iFi Audio team)We put our hearts and minds into this project and pushed it forward without compromise so we really believed we had something special but the relief came when the hi-fi commun...

  • Super model Elena Natura photo shoot

    Super model Elena Natura photo shoot

    What better way to present our range of headphones than with a photo shoot in nature?We have teamed up with super model Elena Natura and photographer Adriana Becichi to shoot some amazing photos of our Classics and Deco series. Watch the video and see how the session went.