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The CanJam London 2016 experience

The CanJam London 2016 experience

CanJam London 2016 in a nutshell: two days of headphone extravaganza. We had the pleasure to meet many of our industry peers, share ideas and impressions. Most importantly, we got to shake hands - in many cases for the first time - with all our followers from the forums. From the wacky, funny, and ingenious nicknames emerged the faces of the passionate, the true acolytes of sound, some of the most involved and devout headphone listeners out there.  

We had those really passionate people try out our headphones: long sessions where audiophiles tested every aspect of our work. It is those moments when you get to directly see what you did after all the work. As headphone makers, CanJam is the closest thing to performing on stage. Probably the highlight of the show, on our part, was the unveiling of the newly released Meze 11 Neo earphones. Up to London’s CanJam event, we only presented prototype versions of the earphones. Here, people tried the final version.


Aamer from Aornic Reviews interviewing part of the Meze Headphones team

The most satisfying part of the whole show was when someone listened to the new earbuds for a couple of minutes, and when he was done, while trying to take them off, he only grabbed air, reaching for a pair of over the ear headphones!

Yes, CanJam London 2016 was super! Congratulations to and the team behind the event, we are looking forward to see you again at the next CanJam.

Next in line, Germany. Come and meet us at IFA Berlin 2016 from the 2nd to the 7th of September where we will officially unveil the Meze 12 Classics.


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