Lucky Number 2

Lucky Number 2

One of the best things happening when you are part of a global brand is getting to know and befriend people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. Ever since the beginning, we sought to make friends, not business contacts, and we made sure to put in effort to build and maintain meaningful connections with the people we meet.

We love learning about the things that matter for the people we have the opportunity to work with, and many of those things often become part of our beliefs. One of those, for instance, is learning that numbers hold a great symbolism in many Asian cultures, where they consider even numbers most auspicious, with number 2 being of great importance.

In our country, the number 2 holds magical values and is considered to be a divine number. So we guess we could say triple the number, triple the luck, right? 

Add in the hard work, some inspiration and new products that turned out just the way you imagined them, and you should have the perfect recipe for an amazing year. For us, that’s what 2022 was. Amazing! This year leaves us with newfound creativity, hope that things will only get better when we do good things, and infinite ideas on what to do next.   

We have to say a big “thank you” to everyone who was part of this journey! We look forward to keep spreading the love for sound, music and art together, in the new year. Cheers to 2023!


Music credits: Marlon Gibbons (IG @marlon_gibbons)

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