IFA 2016

IFA Berlin 2016, fresh memories

IFA Berlin 2016, fresh memories

We were - shortly - boarding the hype train at IFA! It’s hard not to. Our stand had the new lineup complete: we launched the Meze 12 Classics. Not paper-launch, but for real, as we started shipping during the show.

People and businesses got to feel our creations, whereas us, the Meze team, also roamed the halls of the big exhibition. What’s best at such a show is the sheer amount of designs that spring to mind only by looking around! There are so many ideas that can be further combined, borrowed from totally different intended use cases, slightly altered in order to serve a new function. So many things to wrap your head around.

It is not all well and rosy in this march of consumerism, you quickly get the feeling that at least some of the show ground is covered by solutions in search of problems. But even then, you have to pose the right question: is there any potential that some part of what you are witnessing can serve a real purpose? As designers, that’s the way we look around: see the layer of functionality, of consequential improvements everywhere you can.

Some of the futures envisioned at tech shows do materialize one way or another, some don’t. But being part of these industries allows you to try yourself, as a company, to shape parts of them. We are - we need to be - serious about self fulfilling prophecies!

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