…for the love of music…

…for the love of music…

It’s no secret that 2020 was a hard one, and our desire to experience in-person interactions is honestly already through the roof. Lockdown has us missing all the opportunities we had to hang out, to share insightful experiences and get inspired by your love for good audio.

It’s been a bit dull, not gonna lie, so this august, when McIntosh made its way into our inbox and asked if we would like to showcase our headphones inside of World of McIntosh Townhouse, we were frenzied.

Founded in 1949, McIntosh is a truly iconic brand amongst audiophiles, a distinguished pioneer of pop culture.

In 1965, their home intended amps were powering president Lyndon B. Johnson’s inaugural event. Few years later, they went commercial, building the MI350 - a better, more powerful amplifier with lower distortion and better signal-to-noise, more reliable than anything available on the market at that time. In 1969, McIntosh was powering the most iconic music festival in history, Woodstock, using 20 amplifiers located underneath the stage. Planning-wise, the whole event was chaotic, but the sound just kept working, as Charlie Randall, McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. president, described in a recent interview. Later on, in 1974, hippie royalty Grateful Dead used 48 McIntosh MC-2300 amps to build their renowned Wall of Sound – 26,000 watts of continuous power with natural, low-distortion stereo sound.

It’s obvious that McIntosh has not only witnessed history, they have shaped and even made possible pivotal moments in music history.

Today, somewhere in the heart of SoHo, New York, McIntosh has managed to seamlessly combine music and design into an immersive sensory experience like no other.

McIntosh Townhouse


Previously an art gallery built as a substation in 1926, the Townhouse now hosts McIntosh Laboratory and their Sonus faber, Audio Research, and Sumiko brands, and it is so much more than a store – it’s an "experience center" equipped with audio products that represent the ultimate in craftsmanship and integrity.

Starting this fall, our Empyrean, Rai Penta and 99 Classics are bringing music history to life inside the World of McIntosh Townhouse. Meze was born out of passion for sound, design and technology, and being paired with such an influential brand as McIntosh, one that shares our love for luxurious audio, is truly a great honor.

Explore the World of McIntosh Townhouse right here

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