Excited to see you again at Munich

Meze Audio LIRIC headphones Munich High End 2024

The time is finally upon us to meet up for yet another year at the biggest dedicated Hi-Fi event for all music lovers and audio enthusiasts worldwide – High End Munich! Since last year, your constant support and feedback has been the driving force behind our creativity and innovation. We are very grateful for this and we feel like it’s high time we make it up to you. To celebrate our long-lasting friendship, let’s just say we have some surprises in store for everyone who comes by our booth – MOC Event Center, Hall 1, booth B04.


Meze Audio team at Munich High End



As our team is steadily growing, even more of us will be present this year. This means that you will have ample opportunity to meet the hearts and minds behind Meze Audio. So, do not hesitate to come say hi!


Meze Audio Romanian and Dacian knot wooden lock puzzle



In the popular Romanian calendar, the fifth month of the year is called Florar, or “the month of flowers”, because it is precisely now that the landscapes of our ancestral home are filled with blooming flowers and everything from pastures to mountain peaks acquires color and fragrance. It is no wonder that Munich High End takes place during this time – a showcase of progress and rejoice. Our entire line-up will be available for your auditory pleasure, including our latest evolutions – Empyrean II and the 2nd Generation LIRIC!

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