A world-class pairing – DCS Lina now available from Meze Audio

A world-class pairing – DCS Lina now available from Meze Audio

We’ve always been amazed by the amount of passion and enthusiasm that bring together the audiophile community and we’ve always used this as some kind of fuel for our creative process.

Not just that, but during these 10 years in the business, that same enthusiasm gave us the opportunity to meet new people that share the same excitement and values, when it comes to high-end audio. That’s exactly how our relationship with dCS started, but ended up becoming one of the connections that we value greatly.  

For anyone who knows our brand, it’s a known-fact that we always challenge ourselves to create not just functional products, but true audio art pieces that offer an experience that goes beyond sound. Having this common goal with dCS is what makes this friendship so special to us. Through fearless engineering and meticulous craft, they redefine the limits of audio by producing digital hi-fi sources which let music lovers enjoy the highest sound quality in their own home. 

As a company that makes headphones, researching pairings is an ongoing task in our office and, among the countless products we’re testing, their systems remain a constant in our listening rooms – both at the office and at trade shows.

DCS Bartok and Meze Audio Elite


Lina began with a desire to create the definitive system for headphone playback: a system that reveals the full potential of your chosen headphones, plus the full breadth of detail, artistry and emotion in your music. With a dedicated Network DAC, Headphone Amplifier and Master Clock, Lina is the first dCS system built especially for headphone listening. Designed to work with a vast range of headphones, it sets out to deliver the ultimate sonic escape for music and head-fi connoisseurs.

DCS Lina System


Since the first time we’ve tried it, we felt that Lina does exactly what it vows. When paired with our TOTL headphones, such as Elite or Empyrean, the performance is splendid – it’s detailed, transparent, without becoming overwhelming.

The sound is immersive with an out-of-this-world soundstage. Micro-details are brought to the fore, which makes them very easy to discern, while instruments are well defined and easy to position. So, no matter what you pair it with, it brings out nothing but the best.

For those looking for a potential end-game setup, dCS Lina can now be purchased through Meze Audio directly, on mezeaudio.com and mezeaudio.eu.

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