Vlad Dobrescu

Vlad Dobrescu

I love using the Meze 99 headphones for my live radio show. The sound gets everybody hyped when it's time to freestyle! When I later edit the audio there's absolutely no noise bleeding from the headphones no matter how loud we turn up the sound when recording!

Founding member of CTC, one of the biggest hip-hop groups in Romania. Founder of Facem Records, the first independent hip-hop label in Romania. As an MC he released 1 EP and 2 critically acclaimed albums: CTC & Cedry2k EP in 2001, Dificultati Tehnice with CTC in 2005 and his solo album, În Sfârsit in 2013. Producer, DJ, and host for MIC Check, the #1 Romanian hip-hop show. As a DJ, he opened up for various artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Sadat X, Onyx, La Coka Nostra, DJ Premier, Bumpy Knuckles, DJ Jazzy Jeff and many others. He is also the producer of the "Illest of" yearly mix series, since 2010. The label he started, Facem Records, is responsible for launching many classic albums from some of the most respected MC's from Romania (DOC, Deliric, Cedry2k, Carbon, Nwanda, raku, 2012). As a promoter, he has brought groups such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Masta Ace & EMC, Dilated Peoples, Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ Revolution and many others for their first shows in Romania.

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