The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan

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After several studio albums and countless tours around the globe, the Dillinger Escape Plan has earned much respect among fans and critics worldwide. With accomplishments such as coverage in mass media from the Rolling Stone to the New York Times, Billboard chart status and performances on network television  such as Late night with Conan O’Brien, the Dillinger Escape Plan is often named one of the most important bands to have emerged over the last two decade. The band even received an AIM award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music." Judge and Metal Hammer editor Merlin Alderslade said “The Dillinger Escape Plan aren't only one of the most influential heavy bands of the last 20 years, but one of the single most important forces to ever grace our scene. From their genre-shredding albums that have gone to inspire legions of bands, to their now legendary live shows, they have trail-blazed their way through an incredible career that has united alternative music fans from all walks of life. The AIM awards are about recognizing music crafted in the true spirit of independence and I couldn't think of a more fitting band to walk on stage to accept this award than Dillinger."

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