Sergiu Tuhuțiu

Sergiu Tuhuțiu

The MEZE Empyrean headphones fulfill the pinnacle of my expectations in terms of audio systems, which is to transform regular music listening into a real-life experience. In the ocean of technology that flooded the audio market in recent years, MEZE managed through Empyrean to bring the fidelity of the most exquisite recording studios or concert halls into a model for the most dressy tastes. The soundstage, the depth of bass, and the relaxation of the high frequencies are backed by the refined visual touches of the ultimate quality materials. MEZE Empyrean represents without any shadow of a doubt the zenith of music listening in terms of headphones.

Winner of Debut to Master Soloist Piano Competition 2013 in Sankt Petersburg, Sergiu Tuhuțiu is a pianist and music producer awarded with International Artist Diploma by Royal College of Music from London and with Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering by Abbey Road Institute from London. His rare eclectic profile always allowed him to easily explore his entrepreneurial spirit through his musical projects like Piano Colours or Chopin Meets Broadway, concerts that received stunning audience reception in London, New York, and Los Angeles. After Piano Colours Hollywood's debut in 2016, Californian music critic Rob Stevens wrote in a four-star review: ‘Tuhuțiu’s playing at times seemed nearly symphonic, as if instead of being merely a soloist, he was fronting an orchestra.


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