Rakhi Singh

Rakhi Singh

When recording, particularly work for solo violin with very little space to hide, it’s so important to be able to listen back with utmost clarity to hear how it’ll sound to audiences listening on even the worlds best speakers, even if I’m on the move. The Meze 99 Classics allow me to do just that.

Rakhi Singh is very much a violinist for the 21st Century, working well beyond the role of a traditional performer. Not only an expressive and virtuosic performer, Singh’s musicality is expressed as an instrumentalist, a collaborator, a composer and director. She co-founded and co-directs Manchester Collective, an organisation that is leading the way of the future in classical music, she directs their concerts on stage in lieu of a conductor and is heavily involved in the programming and curation of their seasons, helping to foster and develop the riches of compositional talent coming through today with world premieres most months and performances across the globe, including their Proms debut in August ‘21. Aside from her work with the Collective where she’s led over 50 concerts between July ‘21 and August ‘22 she has also been performing live with virtuoso pianist Hiromi across Europe and is the chosen violinist of Philip Glass for his Tao of Glass project with the Guardian review of the work being described as the ‘golden playing of violinist Rakhi Singh. Surrounded by constantly inspiring composers and performers Singh has more recently moved further into the world of composition (performing her works herself) and collaboration with and for the likes of Deutsche Grammophon’s Clark, Emmy Award winning composer Michael Price and her collaboration with Vessel and NYX electronic drone choir for New Music Biennial 2022. She also led, consulted upon and performed a multitude of string instruments from creative archaeological recreations of historic instruments, to of course her violin for the critically acclaimed Hollywood film ‘The Northman’, released on April 22. This modern approach to sharing her gift for playing, and opening up its world to others through collaboration, conversation and exploration takes her perhaps a little beyond what would typically be called an instrumentalist - but to open up the world and de-mystify classical music for the worlds beyond the classical cohort.


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