Nick Stetina

Nick Stetina

Meze Audio’s Elite headphones are simply a joy to use. The sound is very well balanced, exhibiting a healthy amount of bass and sub information without being overbearing or cartoonish. The top-end is very musical and does an excellent job accurately representing sibilance and transient material. Paired with a beautiful recording, the soundstage presented by these headphones has a depth I have not heard in other headphones before. To top it off, these are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable pair of cans I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I can emphatically recommend these to any audio professional or music lover.

Nick is a mixing and mastering engineer located outside of Chicago. He started engineering roughly 15 years ago, beginning with documenting his own music as a multi-instrumentalist and eventually progressing to recording and producing regional artists. Over the course of a decade Nick played drums, bass, and guitar in various groups around Chicago, as well as trumpet and french horn. These formative years as an active musician helped inform and shape the engineer he has become. Today, he focuses on mixing and mastering, connecting with artists both local to Chicago and internationally. His passion for audio has garnered him hundreds of glowing testimonials from artists thrilled with his work, as well as the ‘Top Rated Seller’ accolade on the Fiverr marketplace.


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