Josh Harris

Josh Harris

I absolutely love my 99 Classics. Working as a full-time producer and mixing engineer, I look for alternative listening environments that I feel accurately capture the work that I've done in the studio. The 99 Classics give me that and so much more. On my first day using them, I happened to be mixing a song in an unfamiliar studio, and once I checked my mix on the 99's, I knew that my mix was in a very good place.

Josh Harris is an internationally known producer, songwriter, engineer, remixer and music industry educator. Classically trained as a pianist and composer, he has always focused on fusing different musical genres, resulting in memorable songs and productions that stay with you long after the first listen. Music was always a part of Josh’s childhood. He remembers both of his parents playing current and older music, ranging from classical to disco and pop to jazz. At age 7, his two best friends were already studying classical piano and violin, which inspired him to begin taking classical piano lessons. No stranger to working with major label recording artists, in 2008, Josh toured with Grammy award-winning artist, Seal, as his musical director and keyboardist. In both 2007 and 2008, Josh received nominations by the International Dance Music Association (IDMA) for best remixer. Some of his other artist credits include Madonna, Britney Spears, KoRn and The Killers. His corporate clients include MTV, VH-1, NBC, ABC, and Sea World. To date, Josh has authored four courses for and has served as adjunct faculty at Ex’treme Institute by Nelly, where he taught Entertainment and Media Business. 


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