Francesco Paolo Sguera

Francesco Paolo Sguera

I found the ultimate in-ears for me! I chose them not only for their beauty but especially because they have a clean sound, balance, and great volume at all frequencies. I love them!

Francesco Sguera, drummer in the band The Strigas and creator of the project Hooplug the first universal system to turn the drums into a compact instrument easy to transport and extremely versatile ( 

Recently, he started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the aim of raising the necessary funds to start the production: "It's a project that is having a lot of resonance in the world of drummers and I'm working harder and harder to increase its visibility. For this reason, I am establishing important relationships with realities close to my world in order to exploit the mutual channels of communication to give visibility to all our activities and the products of the partners who have decided to collaborate with me." 

He is currently endorsing the brands Diril Cymbals, Code Drumheads, Big Fat Snare Drum and Vratim shoes. Moreover, he is now the official Ambassador of the American magazine 21st Century drummer.


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