Faye Shapiro

Faye Shapiro

As a traveling artist, I send most of my music to my collaborators digitally. It's essential for me to have the possibility for high quality representation of the music while on the go. I just love my 109! Beyond the meticulous gorgeous design and quality I can't get over how comfortable they are, I love their bright sound quality and use them to hear mix versions and honestly sometimes just keep them on even after the music stops as they make me feel protected and hugged... thank you so much for all the love and care you put into making them!

Faye Shapiro is a master vocalist and composer, multimedia artist and independent therapist. She explores her voice as a tool and model for activating radical modes of being, creating and connecting between inner constellations and human communities. Faye has created site specific performances, videos and musical pieces in numerous festivals and art spaces internationally. Her debut album - Elef Neshikot was released in 2019, she is now expecting her fourth official release "Lev Adama Kochav". For the past 15 years, Faye has been supporting people in their journey to meet themselves and their voices, through workshops, retreats and 1:1 therapy sessions. Faye is founder of ABRA ensemble, and co-founder of the Great Gehnna choir, until 2023 was the artistic consultant and the integration program designer of Kiyumi Psychedelic retreats. She studied painting in Basel, Switzerland, and music composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Bard College NY.


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