David Raouf

David Raouf

I have always been picky when choosing headphones. I would go back and forth and use multiple pairs for different listening environments, but as soon as I started to use the 99 Classics they have been my go to pair for just about everything. They are tuned perfectly for my needs. I can sit down and enjoy an album on them, or use them for playing along to a backing track while drumming. Their sound combined with their looks is the reason I continue to use Meze.

David Raouf is the creator of the YouTube channel, rdavidr. His channel marries his love of percussion with his skills as a tradesman, by building, creating, and repurposing second hand percussion instruments. He gained popularity from posting videos featuring unique drum hacks he has picked up throughout his career. Though, his most popular videos involve him taking an old abused drum and modifying it into something fresh and new. He has a passionate focus to show that modifying music gear is easier than it look and not as scary as it may seem. In his spare time, he enjoys making hip-hop beats, play-along tracks, and creating sample libraries of the drums he has created/modified. Every year he releases a beat tape that showcases the drum sample libraries he has created. You can hear the analog influence in his tracks, which celebrate tape hiss and vinyl crackling. On top of that, when David is not recording himself, he can be found in his home studio recording local bands and rappers.


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