David Lucius King

David Lucius King

Meze Audio headphones are amazing! Super comfy, superb audio quality I’m giving it 10 out 10!” David Lucius King 25, UK/LA Songwriter and Music Producer (The Script, Blue)

David Lucius King is an English/German songwriter, producer, artist, and multi-instrumentalist based in the legendary Metropolis Recording Studios in London. David started his musical journey at the young age of 14 when he signed his first major record deal with EMI records. In 2011 he was picked up by Universal Music L.A. and continued to hone his writing and producing talents in Malibu, California where he stayed with his aunty/pop diva superstar, Cher. Six years later he decided it was time to move to London, where he met Jamie and Ross at Whole Ent, and he started his career in the UK working as a Producer/Songwriter. Only after a few months, David’s work had drawn attention from most major labels. They started flying major artists in from around the world to work with him. A year on and he was already working with Irish rock band, The Script on their album ‘Sunsets & Full moons which charted Number 1 in UK & Ireland in November 2019. He developed a long-standing relationship with the band and wrote and produced the singles titled ‘Run Through Walls’, ‘Hurt People Hurt People’ & ‘Love Yourself’. He is still working closely with them on their forthcoming releases. David Lucius also has a keen A&R mind with his finger on the pulse and always looking for the stars of the future. He in known in the record industry for discovering singer/songwriters, working with them and getting them signed to some of the largest record labels in the UK.


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