Daniel Hurmuz

Daniel Hurmuz

Until the moment I discovered Meze 99Classics I could not find a pair of headphones with which I was comfortable doing MON’s. Having the opportunity to work with 99Neo, I became confident this is the type of headphone I needed. Their flat frequency response helps me create the correct mix for the 30+ musicians playing on stage at our label showcases. The level of comfort they provide has made my work with them highly enjoyable, allowing me to work even on the road and check my mixes anyplace, anytime.

I was a student at SAE Bucharest in the 2016 promotion, without any previous experience in the field up to that point. After completing the diploma course I had jobs as an assistant engineer in various studios in Bucharest, but I realized that live sound is a better fit and something that I enjoy a lot more. Since 2017 I am a FOH and MON’s engineer for the “Culese din Cartier” label (Subcarpati, Cred Ca Sunt Extraterestru, Fantome, Argatu, Fratii Grime, Hanu’ cu Braga).


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