Christopher Tin

Christopher Tin

I very much enjoyed listening to my favorite classical recordings on the 99Classics. They gave an extra oomph and dramatic impact on music that I've heard many times before. I even did a little mixing on them, and I have to say the bass frequencies translated very well to other systems. And of course, it goes without saying that the headphones themselves look absolutely gorgeous. So much so, in fact, that I was able to sneak them into the opening shots of my music video for 'Sogno di Volare'.

Christopher Tin is a two-time Grammy-winning composer. His music has been performed and premiered in many of the world's most prestigious venues--Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, the Hollywood Bowl--and by ensembles diverse as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra, and US Navy Band. His song 'Baba Yetu', originally written for the video game 'Civilization IV', holds the distinction of being the first piece of music written for a video game ever to win a Grammy Award. In 2020 Christopher signed with Universal Decca, releasing his oratorio about the history of flight as told by 11 of our greatest astronomers, investors, visionaries, and pilots: 'To Shiver the Sky'. His works are published by Concord Publishing/Boosey & Hawkes and he works out of his own custom-built studio in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

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