Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar

First things first, these headphones sound amazing! When I try any other in ear headphones and then come back to these, I always notice the difference. The look and build quality is also second to none. I also like that they come with a small, convenient carry case. And when I take them out, they rarely tangle - amazing!

Andy was born and bred in Yorkshire, UK. After studying at Music College with members of the Arctic Monkeys, he has been giving private guitar lessons in Leeds since 2009. Andy now has one of the most popular guitar lesson channels on YouTube. His absolute beginner video has become the most watched guitar lesson on YouTube with over 15 million views to date. His 'Andy Guitar' YouTube channel has nearly 500,000 subscribers and over 55 million views in total to date. The website is now a learning hub for beginner to intermediate guitarists worldwide.

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