Adi Hydrant

Adi Hydrant

I love to listen to Roots music. Especially Rockabilly. The unique sounds of Rockabilly come from the guitar and of course the slap bass. Using this 99 Classic headphone by Meze Audio I'm able to experience Rockabilly to the fullest! The surround effect from the headphone makes the primitive, slappin' bass and raw sounds of this genre very authentic! I also recommend these headphones to all bass players who want to nail the bass line of any song.

Adi is a Bali based illustrator. Rockabilly, lowbrow and slow-paced tropical island lifestyle are his biggest influences in his works. In the international scene, his art has been used by influential music acts from the likes of MxPx and The Gaslight Anthem. In Indonesia, his clothing label, RMBL, is considered to be one of the most popular brands in the country. Adi is also well known as the standup bass player of The Hydrant, the Indonesian rockabilly pioneer.


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