109 PRO

109 Pro is a demonstration of our commitment to go beyond the faithful reproduction of sound to deliver pure emotion. It all started with a purpose – creating joy. It’s about letting yourself get lost in sound, about that intimate connection you have with your favorite artist, song or instrument when all distractions are removed. Learn more >

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Kindly note that slight visual variations may occur in our products, reflecting the unique craftsmanship behind each item.


Transducer Size

50 mm


40 Ω

Frequency Response

5 Hz - 30 kHz


375 gr


112 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW


Black Walnut Wood


1.5 m & 3m soft TPE cable, with 3.5 mm jack

6.3 mm gold-plated jack adapter

Hard EVA carrying pouch


Customer Reviews

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Tee Janvatanavit
Best gift one can give

I bought this as a gift and the recipient was lost for words. No need for more words.

Hello, Tee!

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review for the 109 PRO!
We are thrilled to hear it made the perfect gift and sparked speechlessnes.
For us that means we have done our job right and we are glad to have met your expectations.
Thank you for choosing our product!

Kind regards,
The Meze Audio Team

Ezekiel the Bold
I really love this thing.

This is the first set of critical set of audiophile headphones I own. I have been dabbling in audio for about a two years. It's a warm sound but not to harsh of a warm. I have it paired up with the Fiio btr7 with the upgraded Meze 4.4 copper jack. I love every second I put on these. It's as conformable and great sounding as it looks.
The lows:
Nice and balanced, its very good.
The mids:
Perfect. Nothing but perfect. The highs:
I heard sounds that my 3 other sets of headphones didn't pick up. Its also perfect.
I'm not an expert audio guy by any means, but it definitely satisfys this autists brain.
I regret nothing with buying these.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thorough & documented review for the 109 PRO. We are so happy to hear that you love it and that it has exceeded your expectations. It sounds like you have a great setup with the Fiio BTR7 and Meze 4.4 Copper Jack. We appreciate your support and we hope you continue to enjoy your headphones. Thank you for choosing our brand.

Best regards,
The Meze Audio Team

One word - Quality!

This headphone is ridiculous. It's amazing for what it does to the listening experience. I heard all the raving reviews of this Romanian made headphone and decided to take the plunge and get it; boy am I glad I did. This has to be the most smoothest and well-balanced headphone on the market today, No amp needed, but any quality amp/dac will bring this headphone alive and take it to unbelievable quality levels.

When you get the headphones, please burn them in.

Bass - Unbelievable quality to it. So smooth, and super-deep.
Mids - Impactful, without being too much.
Highs - Absolutely perfect. Meze nailed it.

Bernhard Zorn
My personal open back end-game

I've been on and off the "audiophile" bandwagon for decades now, always considering the best bang for my hard earned buck and I firmly believe that the 109 Pro are what some (and I) would call their open back headphone end-game.

It's been said time and time again. When compared to HPs 3-4 times as expensive, I tended to get back to these wonderfully tuned, mesmerizing headphones, ultimately leading me to get my own pair.

I drive them with either my FiiO portable AMP or the EF400 and these just never disappoint, no matter what genre I throw at them.
I end up with a maniacal grin and a feeling of deep satisfaction after the listening sessions and that's what counts at the end of a busy day.

These are my zen garden and my live venue - all in a small gorgeous package.


Matthew Butler
F*** these are good!


I’ve been down the deep deep rabbit hole of searching for the right headphones, cables, amps etc, and after many years I’m here with the Meze 109 Pro’s.

I know in the real world, there isn’t really one headphone that does it all dependant on the genre of music you’re listening to, but I tell you what, these come so so close!

I put these on earlier today and 2 hours later they were still on my head! Ridiculously comfy and non fatiguing to the ears whatsoever, they are just so well tuned and with a decent amp will go down to around 25hz really well too! Bass is good for open back, better than I was expecting. I’m a bit of a sucker for some deep bass and these don’t disappoint. No, they don’t dive as deep as some closed backs like a TH900 but it doesn’t matter when they do everything else so well!

Bravo Meze!


109 PRO